A quick word regarding our world-class Margarita Man mixes…

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  • A noticeable taste difference with our high quality Margarita Man mixes vs. other brands and substitutes
  • Margarita Man mixes feature natural ingredients that pronounce the flavors and enhance your cocktail
  • This is the same Margarita Man mix sold to restaurant and bar suppliers nationwide as a top tier product that you too can provide and serve at your event through Margarita Man exclusively!
  • Most of our delicious flavors also work great without alcohol for Kids’ Parties! See the chart below for the most popular non-alcoholic flavors with a checkmark in the “Kid Favorite” column.

Mouse over flavors for descriptions. Click on a flavor to view a mixing guide, number of drinks produced per flavor, and other cool info.

Traditional Lime Tequila Margarita
Cowboy-Rita Tequila Margarita
Strawberry Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alcoholic
Cherry Margarita Rum Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Lemonade Margarita Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Go Mango Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Peach Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies
Tamarind Margarita Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Tropical Punch Rum Vodka Champagne Non-Alchoholic
Watermelon Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Hurricane Rum Vodka
Mai Tai Rum Vodka
Piña Colada Rum Vodka Kahlúa Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Pain Killer Rum Vodka
Goombay Smash Rum Vodka Champagne Non-Alchoholic
Rum Runner Rum
Blue Raspberry Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Dreamsicle Rum Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Mudslide Vodka Kaluha Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Sour Apple Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Banana Rum Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Mojito Rum
Sangria Champagne
Frosé Vodka Champagne
Cola Rum Whiskey Non-Alcoholic
Prickly Pear Tequila Non-Alcoholic